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Ultra Vesta

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Includes 2x 10 oz Bottle

Product Description

10 oz Bottle included

Designed by Jenny Jurek with help from the Women's Collective, the 2014 Trail Runner Magazine Gear of the Year Award winning Ultra Vesta is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly and perform flawlessly. The plan was to select the best features from all the Signature Series vests, combine them into one great product, then re-design the shape to specifically fit women.

The result is front strap-mounted holsters that offer quick, immediate access to twin 10 ounce water bottles, which are concave against the body, are positioned higher on the chest, and can be folded flat when not in use. The larger volume pockets located low in the front keep your phone, camera, salt tablets, or gels within easy reach while on the move. The main compartment will accommodate a 70 oz. reservoir (sold separately) and plenty of gear, and there is an additional horizontal pocket in the rear for quick organization of special items. External and internal bungee cords stabilize the load while the two sternum straps and side adjustment straps give you a customized fit and eliminate bouncing. Moisture-wicking Air Mesh keeps you dry, provides support, and is soft to the touch for all-day comfort. Also included are an ice axe loop, two trekking pole loops, and reflective accents for low-light visibility.

Specs & Details

Features (Front):

  • Available in Indigo
  • Two 10 oz. bottles are ergonomically positioned
  • Bottle pockets fold flat when not in use or accommodates a camera or phone
  • Large storage pockets are located below the bottles for phone, gels, ect.
  • Two sternum straps slide for custom fit
  • Cool Wick Air Mesh wicks away moisture and is soft to the touch
Features (Back):

  • Side adjustment straps allow for customized fit
  • Two vertical zippered pockets in the rear, plus a third horizontal pocket offers ample storage
  • Easily accommodates a 2 liter reservoir or any bottle
  • Ice axe (1) and trekking pole loops (2)
  • External and internal bungee cords stabilize varying capacities
  • Reflective accents for easy visability

Sizing At Chest (Women's):

  • XS/SM: 26 - 38 in. / 66 - 97 cm
  • M/L: 32 - 41 in. / 81 - 104 cm
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • A vest full of gear will fit smaller

  • Volume Capacity: 245 in/ 4L
  • Fluid Capacity: 2 x 10 oz. bottles / 2 x 295 mL (plus optional reservoir)
  • Weight: 9 oz. (11 oz. with bottles) / 255 g (312 g with bottles)
  • Height: 11.75 in. / 30 cm
  • Width: 8 in. / 20 cm
  • Depth: 2.5 in. / 6 cm


  • Cool Wick Air Mesh: Wicking mesh is lightweight and breathable for optimal ventilation and moisture management
  • 150D Rip Stop: Lightweight fabric provides durability and protection
  • Power Stretch Mesh: Provides versatility with a supportive stretch material that expands for variable capacity

Overall Customer Rating:

4.700 Stars

(Based on 20 reviews)

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  • 5 1 1445644800000
    Rebekah October 24, 2015 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    LOVE this vest!!! I spend almost a year looking around for the right hydration vest for my small frame. Nathan hydration's small sizes were always sold out which was very frustrating. I took a reviewer's comment that the xs/sm ultra vesta would fit a small person and they were right! I'm 5' 3". I do have to cinch the cross-chest straps pretty close together, especially in the summer with less layers but I haven't found it to be too big, even when I've been wearing it for awhile or its wet. I use a 2L bladder in the summer (its not included with the pack!) and on longer runs and the 2 8ozs that come with the pack for races and winter/shorter runs. My only complaint is that one of the 8oz bottles leaks around the seal! I always end up wet - ok in the summer, not so much in the winter.

  • 5 1 1438387200000
    Lorraine August 1, 2015 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Just bought this a matter of fact this was only my second time using it. I loved the fact that it had pockets in the front.. I run in the foothills where it is fairly remote. I put my Pepper Blaster spray in the front r pocket and headed out. A mile or two into the run I was charged and chased down by a very large and aggressive Badger!! Had my pepper spray been in my back zipper pocket of my old hydration belt he would have gotten me; but I was able to immediately locate and grab my spray, on the run, and spray him. Needless to say I love the vest! Never been so scared or ran so fast.

  • 5 2 1430784000000
    Kaci May 5, 2015 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    I finally found a vest that fits me! I am a smaller woman and have not had any success with wearing a vest, until now. Thank you UD for making a vest that is made to fit women properly. Wearing the vest feels so freeing, versus always carrying a handheld. The vest never road up or felt bouncy throughout all my runs I have taken it on. I have worn it for over 5 hours at a time and found nothing to have rubbed wrong or caused any discomfort. I love all the pockets that it features (velcro, zipper, zip-tie, and two large pockets in the back). I highly recommend this vest for all women. It's the best thing I have invested in.

  • 5 2 1423958400000
    Monika February 15, 2015 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    I love this vest. At first, I was skeptical because I have a half dozen hydration packy-things that jiggle themselves out of place after 10 steps and I feared this would be just another for my collection. But this vest allows me to carry the stuff I need to feel safe and comfortable on my all-day runs: water, gels, sun shirt, blister stuff, pepper spray, dog treats, phone, key, etc. I was amazed that you can cinch it all down and still breathe! I agree with the other commenters who said the little bottles are hard to open. I wasn't planning on using them but glad I did, they sit securely on the front. Also the chest straps are adjustable so that they do not get in the way of your boobs. This vest is worth the investment if you're in the business of running more than 2 hours at a stretch.

  • 5 1 1423612800000
    Laura February 11, 2015 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Admittedly, this is my first running vest, but it really makes me wonder why I waited so long to buy one! Compared to running belts, which seem to feel heavy and awkward around your hips, the Ultra Vesta is a dream come true. I love that there is space up front for two bottles, as that is what I am used to using (although I did order the bladder but haven't tried it out yet). I also ordered the body bottles as per other reviewers suggestions; they were right in stating that the bottles that come with the vest are not up to the high standards the vest sets: they require quite a bit of force to close, and when you don't close them, water spills out easily as you run. The vest itself, however, is flawless in my opinion. There is plenty of room for phone, a few gels/snacks, keys, etc. and even a light shell, and the best part is how unobtrusive it is: after 26.5 miles, I still couldn't tell much of a difference between having it on or not. I highly recommend it. I am 5'6, 118 lbs. and a xs-s fit well.

  • 5 1 1421712000000
    Heidi January 20, 2015 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I really like this pack -- it fits like a vest when it's not packed full but the stretchy material it is made of allows you to pack it full of layers + food. I've found that the pack has a lot of adjustability too -- I can strap it on tight when it's empty and expand the side straps to allow a full pack to still fit comfortably. I have the size S/M and am 5'11" with a 34" chest, it fits well, even with wider shoulders. The front pockets are great for the 10oz bottles or stashing snacks/gloves/etc. I've only used my 50oz bladder and it fits fine, although I do have to tuck the hose/nozzle into random straps on the front of the pack. More details on how I've used the pack + what I've fit in it can be found here:

  • 5 2 1419811200000
    Karina December 29, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    This vest is amazing! I wasn't sure if it would fit me well, since everyone here is talking about it fitting their smaller frames. I am 5'9, and have very broad shoulders and curves (wear size L in shirts), with a 36inch bust, so I was extremely worried it wouldn't fit me. I have the M/L and there's still room A LOT of slack on the back and middle adjustments. I have filled this pack up with a 2L bladder, and as much gear as I can possibly think about carrying, and 4 thick layers of clothing, just to see if the fit changed, I still had about 4inchs on each side. So if you're a taller, larger women like me, I wouldn't worry about this pack not fitting you! When looking at this pack, I was not convinced it would fit a 2L bladder, however, it fit my Papyrus bladder perfectly! The stretch in this pack is amazing! I am so happy I was gifted this pack, as oppose to one in the men's line! Merry Christmas to me!

  • 1 0 1417824000000
    April December 6, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    Too small and uncomfortable. I tried this vest after the Wink was deemed out of stock for the next six months. I don't like the fit of this vest at all - feels very small, too high up, and not at all ergonomic. Feels like it was created by a fashion designer, not a runner. Definitely don't waste your money on this if you are a serious trail runner. This is for some gym bunny who wants to look tough. Very disappointed.

  • 4 0 1417219200000
    Tiffany November 29, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    MOSTLY love. This vest is pretty wonderful. From the fact that it actually fits me (I'm quite small-5' very petite) to the many pockets to actually keep your stuff a little more organized this is obviously a well thought out product. There's no bounce, it doesn't hold in moisture and the pockets are very accessible. Con: As much as I love it having the bungees and 3 seperate pockets on the would be great if the zipper pulls didn't have a gap on them. Combined with those handy little hooks for the bungees, I spend a lot of time with my hair caught in them. All in all, great product. I would buy it again.

  • 5 1 1416960000000
    Sue November 26, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Love, love, LOVE this vest! Used to run with a men's hydration pack and the bouncing used to drive me nuts, not to mention having to cinch the straps so tight that I couldn't breathe. Also tried handheld bottles but my hands sweat a lot so they aren't comfortable. The Jenny vest is perfect. I have quite broad shoulders but am small across the chest and the small fits perfectly. Love the pockets, the bungy strap system and the sternum straps. The only con is the same one the other reviewers mentioned: the bottles with the red top. Not only do they leak and are impossible to open and close, but they slosh about when I run which drives me nuts. I swapped them out for two body bottles and the problem was solved! Kudos to Jenny Jurek and her team for designing the perfect vest for women!

  • 5 0 1413417600000
    Karrie October 16, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    This vest is amazing! Before purchasing it I was using my husbands AK race vest but it is several years old and falling apart (been through tons of ultras). It worked fine for my needs but never fit quite right. After my first long run with this new vest, I was in love! It fit extremely well. No rubbing or bouncing. I normally hate carrying the reservoir but when we did a long run I needed it, and it wasn't bad at all. I had a full reservoir along with the bottles in the front. Speaking of the bottles, I read the reviews first about the tops of the bottles and the opening being less than desirable. So I also purchased two body bottles and tried them in the front if the vest instead. They actually worked really well. They're bigger and I love that all you have to do is bite and suck, no closing the top. Once I had them securely in the front pouches I could actually just lift the top of the bottle slightly to reach my mouth (since the bottles sat up higher anyway). I didn't even have to take them out because of the way they self compress when you drink. I had plenty of room for my nutrition in the back and loved having a larger zippered pocket in the front for my cell phone. Overall, I would highly recommend this vest. Especially with the body bottle. I tried opening and closing the regular bottles it came with and they were too hard. Great vest!

  • 5 1 1412467200000
    Colleen October 5, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Excellent fit for a girl with curves! I am 5'4", hourglass shape, small shirt and medium pants, and this vest provides the best fit I have ever found. I find that with Osprey bike/run packs and Dakine packs are too narrow in the shoulder and cut me off at the traps (I'm not beefy but I am built to work) so I end up with a lot of upper back muscle problems. This vest is cut to distribute the weight across my shoulders- with lots of room at the traps- and I have so much more mobility giving me better posture. I haven't ran with the bottles in the front- I'm more of a reservoir gal, I'm also hesitant because the red tops are pretty hard to close and don't feel good on the teeth to open them.Other than that, I love it, my iPhone fits in the velcro pocket in the front, my car keys in the zip pocket and a spot for an extra layer and reservoir in the back. My only complaint- advertise more and show the fabulous fit and benefits!

  • 4 1 1406505600000
    michelle July 28, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I have a very small frame (up top anyway) and love how closely this fits to me. I like the option of the two extra bottles, though I doubt I will use them for most runs. I would prefer an extra food pouch or one that didn't necessarily zip. I bought the wink after this and I think I prefer it- unless I know I will have access to more food than water. There is a ton of space in the back but I like to keep food front and center, though based on the design of most vests... I am the exception.

  • 5 1 1405900800000
    marti July 21, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    LOVE this vest!!! I have a small/petite torso and hated wearing hydration vests because of the rubbing; I could never get the adjustments snug enough. This vest fits perfectly and I find myself wearing it even when I'm just training on a short run.. all the pockets are perfect!! One CON: those red caps on the bottles!! I agree with the other reviewer, Erin... my teeth are either getting weaker from using them to open and close those tops or they are getting stronger from the procedure! Highly recommend this product!

  • 5 1 1400716800000
    Erin May 22, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I am overwhelmingly in love with this vest!!! I really only have 2 minor issues with it, and they are so minor that they hardly warrant comment. (but since this is a review, I’m going to comment! :) ) PROS: Fit. I love love love the way this pack fits. No movement whatsoever. I can hardly tell I am wearing a pack. No chafing. No mid-run adjusting of straps. The placement of pockets is perfect. (I tend to run with my cell phone and the front velcro storage pocket is perfect for easily accessing the phone mid-run). I like to wear my vest snugly and I found the two sternum straps very comfy. I am (*ahem*) smaller in the chest department and found the XS/S size vest to be a perfect fit. Storage Capacity. Plenty of storage! I have not used this vest in extreme weather or in any event over 50 miles (or without aid), but for my purposes the storage capacity has been ample. I easily carried the 2-10 ounce bottles up front, bars & gels in both the front zippered pocket and the back top horizontal pocket, a cell phone, gloves, arm sleeves, hat, and a lightweight shell in the back vertical storage pocket. The outer bungee system is perfect for easily shedding a layer and sticking it on the back of your pack. I have not used the inner bungee system yet – but that is GENIUS. I love the idea of using my 70 oz bladder inside this pack for longer/solo adventures when I need more water. (no bladder included with this pack but it will accommodate one). I assume that the inner-bungee would be helpful in cutting down on the annoying slosh-factor of running with a bladder. Bottles. Running with the bottles upfront did not bother me AT ALL. I thought they might be a little distracting or uncomfortable, but I didn’t find that. During a 50k or 50 miler, I refilled these bottles at every aid station. If I were doing a longer distance in the heat, I most definitely would carry either a 20 oz handheld or use my bladder in the pack, in addition to the 2 10 oz bottles. Breathability. The Ultra Vesta feels light and cool. I imagine you could wear this simply over a running bra on a very hot run and still feel breezy. No clammy-sweat-bomb-type feeling with this vest at all. Cuteness! I know this is minor but this vest is cute! I love the color and the fit is flattering. It isn’t bulky or obnoxious. I tend to be fairly clueless and well, lazy, when it comes to running “fashion”, but this pack definitely gets style points, IMO! CONS: Bottle tops. Those little red plastic bottle tops could use some work. Two reasons: 1) I feel like I have to either aggressively use my teeth to pop the top up to drink (ouch) or use my hand to pop it up and 2) I feel like I have to slam the top down to close it (otherwise it doesn’t close completely and it will leak). The design team failed a wee bit here in my opinion. Minor, yes. But perhaps at mile 80 in a 100 miler this issue might seem monumentally frustrating. Long hair will get stuck in those “little hooky things”. Okay, this is verrrrrry minor but I have to note it! I have very long hair which I normally wear in a ponytail or braid while running. Every time I have run with this vest, at some point my hair becomes entangled in one of those small grey hooky things on the back. What are they for? Cinching the bungee tighter maybe? I don’t know. But long-haired folks be warned: this pack may conjure up fantasies of chopping off your hair mid-race, OR (my experience), cause you to waste precious minutes in the aid station while a friendly RD or volunteer tries to free your braid from your pack. (thanks James Varner!) :)

  • 5 1 1400630400000
    Juli May 21, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Best vest I used by far. Perfect fit for a woman, comfortable and does not hurt my back like many of the others. I am a smalled framed woman and have been waiting for something like this! The versitility to add bottles or use a bladder is awesome too!!

  • 5 1 1398556800000
    ying April 27, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I found this bag from ultratrail runner magazine, and wearing it to my first 50k Belmonte endurance event. I'm very happy with the product, light and tight, fit in right position for women.

  • 5 1 1395187200000
    neily March 19, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Thank you for designing a hydration pack that is not only designed for a woman but is so light/easy to run with that you forget that it there until you need to use it. I am training for my first 100k this April and what a delightful change from my typical handheld water bottle. It is one of the first things I could tick off my list of needs and by far one of the most important. I recommend this vest to all my fellow women endurance athletes. Thank you!

  • 5 1 1394496000000
    Sandi March 11, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Having a team of women design a vest for women really paid off! I used to hate wearing a vest because I was always fidgeting with it and I felt bulky. I did whatever I could to avoid wearing a vest but since I love to do long mountain runs, I really did need a quality vest. Thankfully I tried out the Ultra Vesta and loved it. It's comfortable and fits all of my running needs from carrying a lot of water to having a place to put my microspikes during winter runs. There's not a better vest out there for women right now.

  • 5 3 1390003200000
    Jamie January 18, 2014 Yes No 3 found this review helpful

    This vest is very smartly designed in all the right places. The size is spot on. The bottles are placed well. The front pockets are large and well placed. The rear has 3 pockets, the innermost one has internal bungees and Velcro loop for an optional bladder. This pocket has mesh towards your back but a water resistant barrier towards the middle pocket, so your bladder sweating or your back sweating won't get your stuff wet(at least from that side!). The middle pocket is slightly smaller and is the stretch mesh on the outside(so if it rains, your stuff will get wet). And then the smallest pocket is accessed by a horizontal top zipper and is a water resistant pocket completely(good for a phone or matches or what have you). The outside has bungees for jackets and other compressible gear. The vest wears really well. It has multiple adjustment points that allows for customized, bounce free fit that easily adjusts for what your wearing and how you pack the vest with supplies. The sternum straps can be adjusted up & down via the side rails, very smart indeed! The material along the edges is very soft to help lessen chafing. The air mesh allows for great airflow throughout. I ran with this vest on a 16 miler and it was perfect. I had initially thought I would sub the smaller 10oz bottles with 20s in the summer but they would sit up very high near your face based on the pack's lady friendly design. So I am returning them for a 70oz reservoir instead. This pack is minimal, for sure, much like the AK vest but for women. The bottles being so close to your shoulders, have noticeable sloshing noise but just like your footsteps, eventually fade to background noise OR remind you to take a drink more often:) 2 things I would change: Bigger bottle caps & openings for ice, quicker filling, and faster liquid flow out the spout. I have some competitor bottles that have regular bike type bottle caps but on smaller 8oz it can be done. Make one of the larger pockets water resistant. If it is raining, your outta luck on keeping any clothing or gear inside dry larger than a smartphone(since that's the only pocket that is water resistant).